Joseph H. Rosen is a former F.B.I. Special Agent and U.S. Customs Special Agent. Over more than three decades Joe Rosen worked in two of the U.S. government’s most stringent and essential law enforcement agencies.

For more than a decade we have represented U.S. citizens who are marrying foreign nationals, foreign nationals employed in the U.S. or opening businesses in the U.S., foreign national athletes coaching or playing in the U.S., and legal permanent residents applying for U.S. citizenship. We represent parents of U.S. citizens, adult and minor children of U.S. citizens and siblings of U.S. citizens.

The Joseph H. Rosen Immigration Law Group provides honest, effective, responsive representation to individuals, families and employers facing a variety of complex immigration legal issues.

A message from Joe Rosen

Honest. Effective. Responsive.

Wizy do USA - Uczciwie. Skutecznie. Rzetelnie.

Honestos. Efectivos. Atentos.